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NED 7,663 candidates taking their pre-admission entry test for the academic session 2012-2013 on Saturday.

KARACHI : The vast open grounds of the NED University of Engineering and Technology were turned into extended examination halls under the cool white marquee put up for 7,663 candidates taking their pre-admission entry test for the academic session 2012-2013 on Saturday.

Of the 7,663 students who appeared for the entry test, 7,015 were for pre-engineering while 648 were for pre-medical.

The students were taking tests to get admissions to the civil engineering (CE), automotive engineering (AU), chemical engineering (CH), software engineering (SE), medical engineering (MD), bio-engineering (BO), food engineering (FD), architecture and planning (AR) and other departments.

The university has 22 departments and six faculties.

The 7,663 candidates were competing for 1,952 seats while 31 seats were reserved for self-finance students.

The pre-medical students were trying to get admissions to the MD, BO or FD departments and the pre-engineering students were vying for admissions to the remaining 19 departments of the university.

The duration of the tests was two hours — from 10am to 12 noon — and the answers were uploaded on the NED website (www.neduet.edu.pk) soon after the test, at around 12.15pm.

“The answers are uploaded so that the candidates can check the answers by looking at their carbon copies later,” said deputy chairman of the admission committee 2012-2013 Prof Dr
Syed Amir Iqbal. “The actual results will also be posted on the site by 7pm besides the university notice boards,” he added.

The entry tests were based on the candidates’ intermediate course studies with questions regarding physics, chemistry, mathematics and English. “English, as you know, is a must in all branches of engineering,” said the professor. “Each section has some 25 questions and the candidates should at least get 50 per cent marks to pass the test,” he added.

The atmosphere outside the campus resembled a gala with various student bodies stalls set up by the roadside to keep parents and guardians who had come along with the students taking the tests engaged.

Mr and Mrs Shakeel Ahmed, parents of Jawad Ahmed, said that they might not have prayer beads in their hands, but they were constantly praying for their son’s success in their hearts.

“He has already gotten admission to the NUST, but we will definitely go for the NED if he gets into the department of his choice here,” said Mr Ahmed.

Shahnaz Waqar, mother of Paaras Waqar, said that she really hoped that her daughter got into the NED as they had not really thought about other options as yet.

The mother was really sick with worry after she had heard a female security guard say that scientific calculators were not allowed in the entry test but relaxed after being reassured that it was not true.

“What will happen, will happen. I can accept my daughter not getting into the NED, but cannot accept her being treated unfairly during the test,” she said later.

Another mother, Zakia Muzzafar, said that her daughter Mehrunissa had been a Grade-A student throughout and she was sure that she would do very well here as well.Dawn.

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