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Literacy rate in Pakistan and the causes

PESHAWAR:November 20: Chief Minister Ameer Haider Hoti Saturday said that training, education and welfare of children was above politics and the government was undertaking realistic steps to involve private sector in this effort.

Addressing a gathering held by the Ujala Welfare Society, a welfare organisation for training and education of children of the low-paid employees of government, he said the basic factors of terrorism and the turmoil in the region were illiteracy, poverty and injustice.

He said the rulers did not fulfill their responsibilities in an appropriate manner during the last six decades.

The chief minister said continuity in policies and democracy was essential for betterment of the situation. “The government was taking constructive steps for promotion of education and employment as per vision of Bacha Khan,” he added.

He said sincere efforts were underway for boosting standard of government schools to bring them on a par with private schools.

He added that the government would bear the educational expenses of children of 100 high schools from 400 union councils that lacked high schools under a pilot project in the next year budget.

Haider Hoti contended that the Bacha Khan Khpal Rozgar Scheme for employment opportunities to the youth was successful and Rs1 billion would be allocated for the programme next year. He said 25,000 families were benefiting from the programme and the ratio of loans recovery stood at 95 percent, which he termed commendable.

The chief minister said the Hunarmand Rozgar Scheme would be launched next year under which interest-free loans worth Rs300,000 would be offered to the skilled youth.
He added that 1,500 youth had been provided training in four major institutes of the province. “We are confronting complex challenges but the situation will normalise gradually through such political and administrative measures and better results can be achieved through ownership and active role of entire society,” he added.The news.

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