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World's Largest Earthquake Shake Table Test in Japan

World's Largest Earthquake Shake Table Test in Japan:

A full-scale, seven-story wood-framed condominium tower not only survived a 7.5 magnitude earthquake, but it escaped with barely a scratch – just minor drywall damage. In July 2009, Simpson Strong-Tie participated in an unprecedented research event to highlight the importance of earthquake-resistant construction around the world.

As the world's largest full-scale test ever attempted, the NEESWood Capstone project was developed to test new design methods for multistory, wood-frame buildings during large seismic events, and ultimately improve the construction and safety of wood buildings in the U.S. The project featured a seven-story, 40- by 60-ft. condominium tower with 23 one- and two-bedroom living units and two retail shops on the ground level. The condo building was subjected to Japan's E-Defense (Earth-Defense) shake table, which simulates the ground motions of an earthquake.

Located just north of Kobe in Miki City, Japan, the E-Defense shake table measures approximately 65 by 49 ft. and can support building experiments weighing up to 2.5 million pounds. The project's condominium tower weighed nearly a million pounds and was outfitted with Simpson Strong-Tie products, including steel special moment frames on the first floor, and 63 Anchor Tiedown Systems (ATS) and structural connectors to secure the six-story wood structure


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