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Aphonia and the condition of it and info on it


Aphonia is a condition that involves complete or partial loss of your voice. You cannot speak or can only whisper. This is usually due to problems with the voice box (called the larynx).

Aphonia can be caused by:

Physical conditions—may involve injury, inflammation, or disease, such as:
:: Laryngeal or :: thyroid cancer
:: Removal of larynx due to cancer
Damage to the nerves that affect how the larynx functions
Paralysis of the vocal chord
Severe :: laryngitis (viral, bacterial, or fungal)
Thickening of the vocal chords
Nodules or polyps on the vocal chords
Vocal abuse (eg, yelling or talking excessively, :: smoking , drinking a lot of :: alcohol or :: caffeine , being exposed to air pollutants)
Breathing problems that affect the ability to speak
Primary progressive aphasia (a form of :: dementia that affects the ability to communicate)
Other neurological disorders (eg, :: myasthenia gravis , :: multiple sclerosis , :: Parkinson’s disease , :: amyotrophic lateral sclerosis )
Injury to the laryngeal nerve after neck or chest surgery
Psychological conditions, such as:
Hysterical aphonia (due to psychiatric causes)
Selective mutism (symptom of an :: anxiety disorder)


Paralysis of vocal cords, either physical or psychological
Inability to speak or inability to speak above a whisper
Spasm of vocal cords
Throat pain
Difficulty swallowing, food or fluids going into the lungs


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