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name of Gaddafi Stadium Why it needs to be changed

A new controversy is brewing and a very interesting one too. What should we rename the ‘Gaddafi Stadium’?
Without the ‘fi’, you get ‘Gadda Stadium’. If you break up the name it becomes ‘Gadda fi Stadium’ (Donkey in the stadium) in the Arabic of our stage comedies. I am not referring to Ijaz Butt here.
When the rebels started their fight, I read a facebook status saying we should change the name. Why do we insist being on the wrong side of history in the Middle East? The future democracies of ME will view us negatively. Gaddafi is falling and it is very embarrassing for Pakistan to continue to support a soon-to-be-dead Arab dictator. Finally the time has come to change the name unless the Pakistani establishment fly into ghairath and keep the name. After all they stuck to the name while Gaddafi oppressed Libyans.

If sense prevails and they decide to change the name, they should look at some suggestions here.

Shaheed Salman Taseer Stadium
Salman Taseer gave his life for freedom of speech and religion. He promoted equality in the laws of the country. To name the stadium after him would ensure the continuation of his courageous example. We certainly need more people like him. This would be a positive step in fighting extremism in the country and especially in Lahore, the preaching center of extremist Wahabis, Deobandis and Barelvis. It is not going to be easy though. Expect some violent protests if the stadium is named after him.

Shaheed Akbar Bugti Stadium
Naming the stadium after an assassinated Baloch leader would be the beginning of a fundamental shift in the attitude towards Baluchistan. It will help project Baloch rights and it will promote cricket in the province. The name of Bugti Stadium will also be a slap in the face of the generals and ISI who conspired to kill Bugti especially Pervaiz Musharraf. This name will be great for the federation of Pakistan. Does the civilian government have the courage to do it? I doubt if they do.

Shaheed Zulfikar Ali Bhutto Stadium
He made the stadium so it can also be named after him but there are several landmarks named after the Bhuttos. Besides, why did he give the stadium the wrong name? However, this is the easiest name to pick. The PPP loves naming spots after its leaders.

General Zia ul Haq Stadium
It can be named after him. After all, we love dictators in Pakistan. What’s the harm in naming it after a desi dictator rather than an Arab who is soon going to be humiliated by a crowd of street ‘gangsters’? This might also lift the morale of the increasingly despondent Pakistani generals. Maybe we will gain more ‘strategic depth’ in Lahore. Raiwind will secretly celebrate it too.

Bob Woolmer Stadium: The man gave his life for Pakistan cricket. We can pay our respects this way.

Raymond Davis Stadium: ‘Everybody loves Raymond’, don’t they? Leon Panetta will be kind next time he visits Rawalpindi. You never know the US cricket team might visit us. I suggest Panetta and Shuja Pasha be the chief guests in the post-match ceremonies. Pasha might want to bring his buddy Imran Khan to explain the game to Panetta.

If you want to name it after a Lahori, how about Maulana Maudoodi Stadium. He adopted the city, didn’t he? Maybe then we can convince the youth of Jameeat Talba that sports are not kharaam and even persuade them to take part in some games. We need to detox their brains anyway.

Altaf Hussain Stadium
In order to help him conquer Lahore, the ISI would have to pull some strings here. It would be worth it. Altaf bhai is a lot like Raymond Davis. Everybody loves him.

Mugabe Cricket Ground
Currently, Zimbabwe is the only team that will visit us. Why not say our thanks to the truly eternal dictator uncle Mugabe. We will call it MCG . The Aussies are going to be jealous fore sure.

The board meeting of the PCB might also shove in a suggestion of their own: The Ijaz Butt Stadium. No ifs and buts about that one.

If the name of the stadium is changed at all, I am certain the Pakistani establishment will typically come up with a very uninspiring and dull name. You can bet on that.

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