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Playgroup students competed in a kings and queens race and a Tarzan race

Islamabad The early years’ students of Froebel’s competed at the school’s annual sports day event, a colourful spectacle involving the active participation of all students. The day was started with an elaborate parade, followed by a Qur’aanic recitation and a traditional celebratory ceremony where pigeons were released into the open skies along with an ‘Early Years Sports Day’ banner afloat with balloons.

Playgroup students competed in a kings and queens race and a Tarzan race, followed byKindergarten’s innovative slow race, where the aim was to reach the finish line in elaborate slow motion. Students of kindergarten also took part in a pirates’ race, reflecting an ongoing ‘treasure’ theme of the school’s international primary curriculum. Preparatory children competed in creative races that enlivened their imagination; these included daddy’s shoe, exploration and native American/Red Indian races.

The ‘teachers’ race, always a popular event, took place towards the end followed by a tug-of-war featuring KG students dressed as Punjabi ‘jawans.’ Four and five-year-old children also performed a choreographed aerobics display with pop music. Parents were included in the fun; mothers competed in a race accessorised by colourful bangles, and fathers competed in a backwards’ race. The day concluded with prize distribution and a spirit of elation among the participants and spectators.The news.

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