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a Possible Cure for Diabetes

a Possible Cure for Diabetes – the Latest Research Breakthrough

There are two forms of diabetes, type 1 in which the islet cells of the pancreas stop making insulin and the insulin has to be supplied daily by injection. In type 2 there is a loss of insulin sensitivity requiring a lower glycemic diet,and various forms of medication including insulin shots to manage blood sugar levels.

Recent research at the Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, Canada has produced an experimental method that has reversed type 1 diabetes in mice and could result in a cure for diabetes in humans. The scientists were experimenting on mice that were specifically bred to have type 1 diabetes.They began to investigate the function and role of sensory nerves in the pancreas and their effect on the insulin producing islet cells. They found was that the nerves produced too much of a neurochemical called substance-p which causes inflammation around the islet cells damaging them and preventing them from producing insulin.

They then developed an experimental technique, which involved injecting an anti-inflammatory extract of chili peppers called capsaicin into the nerves, which reduced the level of substance-p. The result was a normalizing of islet cell function and the complete elimination of diabetes in the mice in a 24-hour period.This research is groundbreaking but preliminary. It is important because the scientists have for the first time identified a mechanism involving the nervous system that directly causes the islet cells to stop functioning. They reasoned that the next step is an experimental technique to be used in humans, involving injections of capsicum into the pancreas.
Capsicum is an extract of chili peppers, called cayenne. Cayenne has been used for centuries as a "folk remedy" for diabetic problems and it is completely harmless and safe for human consumption.


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