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Game Review Godfather 2 in a nutshell

Electronic Arts Published the 2nd Episode of their very thrilling game called God Father. Game was released on 7th April in America while it surfaced Europe on 9th April 2009. Game is released on PC (Windows) PlayStation 3 and XBOX 360.

God Father is basically played from a third person perspective. God Father 2 is based upon a Movie, named as God Father. But game is very detailed version of God Father, it doesn’t reflect the movie entirely but there is addition of several new things in it. Game is set into the 3 major cities New York, Miami & Havana Game, it is all about to fight with the rivals and their families (as it was in last episode) to ultimately become a Don.

Game has got excellent graphics and allots of exciting things such as different strategies, hiring your own crew and monetize them and give them different tasks and there are tons of new characters in game. Plot of the Game is very interesting.

Main Character of the Game is Dominic who is an employee of Aldo who was the main character of the previous episode. Story starts in 1958 in Cuba when Dominic goes there for some meeting to setup some sorts of operations but Cuban revolution upsets their plan and Dominic’s First mission is to save the Michael (Head of the Corleone family). During all this Dominic Boss Aldo was killed by a Cuban sniper. (Aldo was main character in God Father).

Michael offers Dominic to become a Boss and take charge of New York. Michael makes Dominic a boss by giving the promotion. Now Dominic has to run his crime family. Dominic starts to hit his rivals and Carmine asks him to negotiate when Dominic goes there he realizes that it was a trap somehow Dominic escapes from there and goes to Miami for business with Roth. Roth asks Dominic to liberate an associate Steven who was kidnapped well shortly after that Dominic takes over the businesses of the rivals families and After killing many Dons he goes Miami to kill Roth and executes him and he flees from the airport

Game is all about action, it has got allots of things such as hand to hand combats, shooting people. Strategic portion of the game is fantastic while owning a business in the crime world, all the gunners drug dealers and diamond smugglers in your crime ring creates the enjoyment of a crime family. There is a map in game which is called ‘Don’s View’ in which , you can quickly select your next move. You can ride the cars in the game like GTA. You can hire guards for your safety and they will stand in front of you and you have to pay those guards.

Well! The game provides an environment in which you will feel like a Don and that’s the most coolest and exciting part. Few players have rated the game very easy but it is not the case at all.

Game spot and other different sites have given this game very low scores but users and players have loved this game very much and given 9 or 10. Game has a variety of entertaining things .You can increase your driving skills by riding the fancy rides – you can fight with the troops and you can hire your own crew, in this manner God Father almost reflects GTA.

When you are busy in the crime world, you are involved in doing many things such as stealing the money from the banks or destroying government offices and killing the rival’s family members. While making your self a Don in starting missions, you use lots of weapons and kills the guards of your rivals. Starting of the game is very easy but it becomes very entertaining and thrilling as its story goes on. Game has revealed wonderful concept which is depicted very beautifully by its all characters, I must say that the game rocks ….

Minimum PC Requirments for God Father II
Windows XP SP 2 OR VISTA
PROCESSOR: P4 2.8 GHz/ AMD ATHLON 64 OR ATHLON 64 X2/ Core Duo Processor
RAM 1GB for XP & 2 GB for VISTA
9GB free space of your hard drive
NVIDIA GeForce 6800 or better/ATI X1600 or Better with 256 MB of Graphics Memory and Shader 3.0
Direct X Compatible Sound Card

Official Website: http://godfather2.ea.com/

Cheats and Codes: http://17toppaying.blogspot.com/2009/05/godfather-ii-ps3-cheat-codes.html

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