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Intermediate Result 2011 in Punjab JC

LAHORE Judicial Commission, set up to determine the cause of delay in declaration ofIntermediate Result 2011 in Punjab, will start its inquiry proceedings on day-to-day basis from November 10.According to a notice issued by Registrar Commission, the general public including those who feel aggrieved on proper showings to get their names particulars registered with the commission registrar within four days from the publication of this notice. ”The persons who desire to appear as witnesses will show in writing the nature of their statements and the type of information having nexus with the terms of reference,” it added.The commission was tasked to determine the causes of delay in declaration of Intermediate Results, 2011 in Punjab, determine the nature and extent of errors and inaccuracies in the result declared, examine the efficacy and reliability of existing process for compilation and declaration of results, fix responsibility, and ascertain reasons to avert such situation in future and make recommendations to improve the examination compilation and declaration of results. It is pertinent to mention that Justice Ch. Shahid Saeed has been appointed as Judicial Commission of inquiry to determine the cause of delay.APP.

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