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PakNutri 12 Medical Software Review + Free Download

This reference database provides detailed nutritional information for more than 6,800 foods, though you'll need Microsoft Access to use it. PakNutri 12's utilitarian interface displays foods in alphabetical order. Select a food from the list to see a breakdown of more than 40 nutritional components including lipids, vitamins, calories, and minerals. You can view nutritional information in three ways, including alphabetically and by category. Though you can change the portion from the default 100 grams, the program doesn't recalculate nutrients. You can search the database by food or food group. Though you can print information, you don't get any export options and you can't add items to the database. PakNutri 12 doesn't offer any diet- or menu-planning options, but any user in search of an easy and inexpensive way to view nutritional information for a variety of foods will find this freeware program fits the bill.

Screen shot how the software look likes

Download the software from the link below

Free Medical Softwares PakMed PakNutri 12

It is a nutritional database presenting nutritional composition of more than 6000 food items for 44 nutrients/food components, based upon the USDA (United States Department Agriculture) National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference Release (SR17).

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