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KARACHI:21 Nov: The Centre of Professional Excellence Department, Khadim Ali Shah Bukhari Institute of Technology (KASBIT) launched a two-day photography exhibition, featuring photographic works by its students and alumni entitled ‘Colours of Life’ at its auditorium on Saturday evening.

Chancellor of the institute Arif Ali Shah Bukhari was the guest of honour at the inauguration ceremony.

The exhibition included works by Qazi Khizar, Zameer Iqbal, Shahid Badar, Shahbaz-ur-Rehman, Mufleha, Khurum, Syed Afaq Ali, Hamid Ismail, Mohiuddin, Uzair, Sarim Bashar, Anwer Shaikh, Zeeshan Haider, Yousaf Gill, Komail Zaidi and Bushra Shah.

Khizar, a journalist by profession and a photographer by passion, presented three beautiful series, showcasing efforts by crows and one showing the love and depth of relations, among other snaps in the exhibition. The most eye-catching and thought provoking series was that in which a woman was expressing the beauty of care to a man. In the first picture the man was busy in mending his out of order rickshaw and woman was providing him shadow with the help of her scarf. In the second she was under the scorching beams of sun, but was providing shelter to the man and in the third one she was cleaning the sweat from the man’s face.

Badar captured also an outstanding seen and hopefully one of his photo shots featuring the word ‘Allah’ with fire flame on black glass with dark background. He also captured scenes from desert areas and waters from the country as well as abroad, besides presenting beautiful portrait of a minor girl.

Rahman captured daily life scenes, wildlife, and nature. Ali focused on landscapes from northern areas of the country and pilgrims moving around the holy Ka’aba. Iqbal took snaps showing the life style and culture from the countryside of the Sindh province area.

Mufliha, a fashion designer, presented scenes from two extreme edges of live: one from the ramp of a fashion show, being organised by and for the elite class, while the other of people living in the extreme state of poverty.

Khurum also captured photos from the world of fashion as well as landscapes and moving water in a beautiful manner. Ismail captured historical places particularly shrines from the dust of the history as the shrines focused were seen decaying. Mohiuddin saw colours of life on the faces and smiles of children. Uzair also captured an out standing picture in which a child and a number of birds were seen in the same postures.

Bashar presented flowers, children and old citizens so as to describe the colors of life. Anwar sheikh in beautiful manner captured fog, natural scenes and children besides presenting face of an old woman whose texture and expressions were describing the hardships of life.

Haider through his photographs described the customs of marriage in the East. Yousuf Gill presented a picture among others in which the struggle of a mother to fetch water for her children was captured. Zaidi experienced to take the snaps of fire and wood. Bushra, belonging to the Army, captured the beauty of life in pets, bangles and decoration pieces despite the fact that she was a marshal artist.

Addressing the inaugural ceremony KASBIT Chancellor Bukhari announced that a website featuring the art works being displayed in the exhibition would be launched shortly.

He also announced that the institute would also publish a book comprising the introduction and photography works by the students and the alumni of the institute.

Bokhari, along with KASBIT Vice Chancellor Syed Ali Abbas Abidi, visited the exhibition and appreciated the works and efforts of artists. Ismail secured the first position, Mufleha stood second, while Khizar grabbed the third position

Later, while talking to Daily Times, the organiser of the exhibition and the head of diploma programme, Amanullah Panjwani said that an artist existed in each and every person, the only need was to explore and get him out. He further said that photography was the mixture of science and art. He was of the view that photography sector progressed a lot during the out ongoing decade and sophisticated mobile phones played an important role in that regard. To a question he said that it was passion, not education that led an artist towards excellence. He concluded that photography means drawing with light.Daily Times.

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