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Ahmadis and Ahmadiyya Muslim ( Hatred )

A female Ahmadi student of the final year has been expelled byCOMSATS Institute of Information Technology (CIIT) Lahore. When contacted by Al Ufaq, Mr. Rasheed Ahmed Khan, the Registrar of the institute denied any connection of the removal with the student’s faith. “Rabia Saleem has been expelled for violating the discipline of the Institution and not complying with the rules and regulation.” he added. Mr Khan also declined to provide a copy of the notice that was served to the student and also refused to provide any more details.

Meanwhile Al Ufaq when approached other sources it was confirmed that Rabia Saleem was accused of Blasphemy by student wing of the terrorist organization Tahaffuz-e-Khatam-eNabuwwat. Prior to this incident members of the same organisation displayed posters and banners containing hate against Ahmadis and Ahmadiyya Muslim Community throughout the Campus.

Event on Facebook

The students of the same organization were also found propagating hate against Rabia Saleem and other Ahmadi students. A Facebook event was also launched to pressurize COMSATS management and to terrorize Ahmadis.

Another student Ms. N.S when contacted by Al Ufaq said, “Rabia removed a page from hostel door which had words against Qadianis. She is a Qadiani herself. The hostel guard saw her removing the poster. He then exploited the situation and accused her of committing Blasphemy by dishonouring verses of the Holy Quran and sayings of the Holy Prophet Muhammad. The poster actually did not contain any Ayat or Hadith.”

A Faculty member of COMSATS Mr. S.A made the following remarks over telephone while talking to Al Ufaq, “the matter could have been resolved among them or with the hostel warden but the administration used it for false propaganda against the Ahmadi Student.”

Incidents like these have been reported in the past but no action what so ever has been taken so far by the Ministry of Education or any other State organ for that matter.

Ahmadis have been living in continuous fear and cases of persecution and hate are on the rise.

Details of the incident are still pouring in.

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