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NUML and kashmir day

Islamabad:October 29:A large number of students and faculty members attended the seminar held to mark Kashmir Day, organised by the National University of Modern Languages (NUML).

Addressing the ceremony, Azad Jammu Kashmir Education Minister Mian Abdul Waheed said that Kashmiri people had been fighting a war against a despotic power for the last 64 years and 84,000 lives had been sacrificed in the line of freedom. “Morale of Kashmiri people was as high as it was on July 1947 and they managed to keep this tradition of sacrifices alive only because they were supported and backed by valiant Pakistan Armed Forces and Pakistani people,” he said.

He further said that Pakistan and Kashmiri peoples continue to raise voice against atrocities of India on Kashmiri people and they stressed upon the international comity that it should play its role to convince India to give Kashmiri people right of self-determination in accordance with resolutions passed by UNO.

He further informed that Kashmiri people and government also admired the stance, which was taken by Pakistani successive governments on Kashmir issue and irrespective what party ruled in Azad Kashmir issue remained the central point of Pakistan’s foreign policy. He also said that the love of Kashmiri people for their Pakistani brethren reflect from the elements, which were under control of nature. “Our rivers streamed down to Pakistan and air from Kashmir blew down to Pakistan,” he added.

Moreover, students from different departments also delivered speeches on Kashmir Day and they reiterated that Kashmir was the jugular vein of Pakistan and they while acting upon the saying of Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah would continue to support socially, morally, physically and politically for the freedom of Kashmir.

NUML Rector Major General Masood Hasan said that education standard in Kashmir was high because people of Kashmir had a great interest to get their children educated so that they could contribute in national affairs as responsible citizens. He appreciated the courage and perseverance with which they faced a national calamity and then again reconstructed their destroyed cities after October 2005 earthquake.The news.
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