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Parks and Horticultural Authority’ NTS Result

PHA Lahore NTS Result has been announced check it by following the link below

PHA NTS Result 14 Oct 2012


Extra info
In September 1998, the Parks and Horticultural Authority’s was established by merging the horticulture wing of the Lahore Development Authority and Metropolitan Corporation, Lahore. Horticulture had suffered badly due to the extensive roads rehabilitation project in the city, and the need was felt for a specialized organization to meet the challenge. PHA was assigned the task to make up for the loss of trees and green belts, and furthermore, to five impetus to the city’s beautification in the best of its green tradition.

Since its creation, the PHA has conducted its activities with great imagination, zeal and commitment. A distinct and pleasant change has come about in Lahore in these past few years. And while it has been the result of a multi-pronged effort also involving the improvement of roads, street lights and traffic management, for almost six years, PHA has played a key role in this positive transformation, working on many fronts.

Other than its functional success, the PHA has proved to be a trendsetter in financial terms as well. In 1998, the total revenue for outdoor advertisement generated by LDA and MCL was Rs. 12.5 million. In a shorts period of less than six years, the marketing wing of the Authority has raised figure to Rs. 160 million. It has introduced modem concepts like the Government-Private partnership for public services of the horticulture staff that come their parent civic agencies. All organizational and developmental expenses met by the funds generated by the Authority itself.

Today’s, Lahore is a city of more than about seven million with complex environmental problem and civic needs. The challenges to its beauty and green tradition are bigger than they have ever been through its long and dynamic history. The PHA is working diligently to meet the challenges, and carry the torch of a charming heritage.

Historical Background

No archeological remains in Lahore date that far back but from the number of coins of the Menander dynasty of Indo-Bactrian Kings discovered near Ichra, it would appear that Lahore was a place of importance some time between 4 BC and 2BC.

Mehmood Ghaznavi conquered Lahore in 1201 AD. And made it the capital of his Ghaznavi Empire. The city became the hub of social, cultural and educational activities, reaching its zenith during the Mughal era. This was the time when magnificent forts, gardens, tombs, Mosques and pavilions were built adding to the beauty and grandeur of the city.

Emperor Akbar, considered to be the greatest Mughal King, made Lahore the seat of his kingdom expanding, fortifying and embellishing the grand Shahi Qila. Other Mughal Kings, who mainly ruled from Delhi, also had a special place in their hearts for Lahore-Shaha Jehan gave it the fabled Shalimar Gardents, Aurangzab gifted the beautiful landmark of Shahi Masjid. Jehangir also built an impressive mausoleum for himself across the river Ravi. The pioneer of Sikh rule in Punjab, Maharaga Ranjit Singh, ruled from Lahore and is also buried here in a small but remarkable somadhi just outside the Fort.

During the British Raj, Many majestic public buildings like the Lahore High Court, Government College, Museum, General Post Office and sprawling Lawrence Garden enriched its beauty and diversity yet further. The large number of government, public and commercial buildings from the era gracefully combine a mélange of architectural styles; Mughal, Gothic, Victorian and Colonial.

After independence, the Minar-e-Pakistn, WAPDA House and Alhamra are just some of the monuments and building added to the city during various regimes. Large recreational parks like the Race Course Park and Gulshan-e-Iqbal were developed upon Japanese models. In Lahore, the clock of history continues to tick, and every day a new chapter is added.

Plantations (Roadside/Clusters)

New roads in Lahore were handed over to PHA with barren or damaged greenery. All have been made green and filled with a systematic plantation like Main Boulevard, Park Lane, Jail Road, Ferozpur Road, G.T. Road, Ghazi Road, Tripple Road and Shadbagh, Access Road (New Airport).
Special Projects
At numerous places of Lahore City, China lights (Model & Specification as per High rise ornamental lights at Tinammen Square Beijing China) have been installed by PHA.

Night Scapes

Spot-lighting Date-Palm Trees at Main Boulevard
Trees - Linear Lighting at Mall Road
Rings around Mall Road Trees opposite P.C. Hotel
Kim's Gun
Liberty Parking Area Park
Liberty Park facing main Road
Kalma Chowk monument
Chauburji monument
Assembly Hall area & Building
Summit Minar
Shadman Market Park
Roundabouts / Planters
Triangles at PMG
Queen Victoria site
Planters at Ferozepur Road Canal Bridge

New Parks
Other than the activities mentioned above PHA also manages and maintains more than 500 Parks within the city and has also developed the following new Parks under a short span of time.
Saint Mary Park (Main Boulevard Gulberg)
Tollinton Park (Opposite Home Economics College)
Almadad Park (Behind Timber Market)
Data Darbar Park
Wassan Pura Scheme No. II Park (Misri Shah)
Triangular Park (Chungi Amar Sidhu).
Gazi Ilm Din Shaheed Park. (Lytton Road).Shah Chirah Chamber (Park).

Pha's Projects

Saint Mary's Park
Floral Courts (Gulberg)
Wasanpura Park
Data Darbar Park
Play court ( Mohni Road)

Saint Mary's Park
AREA: 13.75 Acres
Cost of the project: Rs.75 Lakhs
Name of the Company: Landscape Club
Work started on: 1 Feb 99
National Bank of Pakistan: Rs.1 Crore

Floral Courts Gulberg
AREA: 6-Kanals
Cost of the Project: Rs. 3.5 million (including coverage of two drains.)
Name of the Company: Kamran Consultants Financing:
9-Shops to be rented out by Projects Committee.

Data Darbar Park
AREA: 8-Kanals
Cost of the Project: Rs. 2.7 million
Name of the Company: Horti Group
Financing: Auqaf Department to reimburse the PHA

Wasanpura Park Project
AREA: 16-Kanals
Cost of the Project: Rs.3.64 million
Name of the Co: Asian Consulting Engineers
Financing PHAPlay Court At Mohni Road
AREA: 16-Kanals
Cost of the Project: Rs.3.64 million
Name of the Co: Asian Consulting Engineers
Financing PHA

Floriculture & Nursery
Floral-strips in Lahore
Scheme adopt a flower-strip
- Main Roads
- Main Parks
- Main Roundabouts
Floral baskets/floral stand

120,000 new pots
(45,000-sponsored)Compost Leave-pits created

Succsee Story

The Park & Horticulture Authority has emerged as a model organization on many counts. To begin with is its effectiveness. The fruits of its endeavors are remarkable and visible. It has beautified roadsides, created and improved parks, planted trees and spread flowers in Lahore. Over a short span of time, the Authority has systematically expanded the scope of its activities, in order to better realize its mission statement-marking Lahore greener, brighter and cleaner. Apart from horticulture, today the PHA contributes in many other ways to Lahore. It made the famous Food Street in the once-rundown Gawal Mandi, giving the traditional cuisine haunt a thorough face-lift. The past glory of Old Anarkali and The Mall has successfully been restored. Dry fountains have been revived and new ones added, sports and recreation facilities provided at public places. By lighting up important buildings, monuments and landmarks, PHA has made Lahore a pretty city by night. PHA has also enhanced the useful civic features like road signs, public toilets, bus stops and flower shops.

For public entertainment, PHA organizes a number of festivities and shows. Another important achievement is outdoor advertisement. The Authority efforts in this direction have not only made billboards and roadside advertisement more attractive but have also enabled it to generate enough resources to carry out its multifarious project without any extra burden on public funds.

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