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NTS Result of Peshawar University 2012 Sept plus candidates roll no

NTS Test result of Peshawar uni is now available to check the nts result of 2 september 2012 of Peshawar university admission or entrance please follow the instruction below for result of your and candidates list is also available below with the link

click the link below for result and roll no or candidates list 2012 2 September nts Peshawar university

nts result and candidates list 2012 2 september click here for nts peshawar

extra info
In a cathode ray tube:
Peshawar, About 7,000 students appeared in admission test of University of Peshawar held under National Testing Service. Available seats are 2,000 in all of 43 departments of the university.

For the admission test, six centers (the Law College at UoP, University Public School, Agricultural University Peshawar, Brains Degree College, Khyber College of Management Sciences, Peshawar and Qurtaba Degree College) were assigned by the NTS and the students were divided to take tests in two days on Saturday and Sunday.

The test was inspected by the NTS staff; Dr. Hizbullah Khan and Director of NTS Tahir Aslam looked the all over progress of all centers. Students can check their result online on the official website of university within 72 hours after the test.

Aggregate will be made by the ratio of marks obtained in NTS and bachelor examination (40:60). Then merit list will be made by the departments. Date of displaying merit list will be given by the admission schedule and merit lists will be displayed at the respective departments of the university.

electrons go from cathode to plate and then from plate to cathode
electrons go from cathode to plate only
electrons go from plate to cathode only
electrons go from cathode to plate and protons go from plate to cathode
protons go from cathode to plate and electrons go from plate to cathode


End of menstrual cycle in old age is called:

All of the above

Genotype ratio of Mendel’s Law of independent assortment is:

3 : 1
1 : 2 : 1
9 : 3 : 3 : 1
None of the above

Proteins are made up of:

Carboxylic acid
Amino acid

Which of the following is a characteristic of land plants?

Multicellular plant body
Alternation of generations
All of the above

Blood from head, neck and arms enters the heart by way of the:

Superior vena cava
Inferior vena cava
Pulmonary artery
Pulmonary vein

A woman receives her X chromosomes from:

Her mother only
Her father only
Both her mother and her father
Extranuclear DNA in her mother’s egg

Sea horse is:

a fish
a reptile
a mammal
an invertebrate


is capable of functioning as a heterotroph
is capable of functioning as a autotroph
is capable of functioning both as heterotroph and autotroph
is a parasite

In Earthworm, the gaseous exchange takes place:

Through moist skin rich in blood capillaries
By coelomic fluid
Through mouth
By nephridia

Animal behavior is identified as:

Both A & B
None of the above

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