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Tolerance Day

tolerance is the culture of Islam, says Shakeel Awan
Rawalpindi A speech competition in connection with World Tolerance Day among schoolchildren of Rawalpindi and Islamabad was held here on Monday. About forty students of 17 schools participated in the contest.

The competition organised by the Rawalpindi Arts Council in collaboration with thePrivate Schools Network was divided into four categories — Husn-e-Qir’aat, Naat Khawaniand speech contests on ‘Solution of our problems in the light of Khutba Hujjatul Wida’ and ‘Peace through tolerance’. MNA Malik Shakeel Awan was the guest of honour.

In Husn-i-Qir’aat, Gul Badin of Rahim Public School secured first position, Zainab Khalid from Babar Public School got second, while Abdul Haq of Ali Trust School clinched third position.

In Naat Khawani, Abdul Rehman from Al-Kausar Public School got first position, Saeqa Sheraz from Ali Trust second and Muhammad Hasnain from Islamic Cadet School bagged third position.

In speech competition on ‘Solution of our problems in the light of Khutba Hujatul Wida,’ Maryam Hanif from Islamic Cadet School secured first position, Misbah Noor from Babar Public Schoolsecond and Muhammad Suleman from Al-KausarPublic School got third position.

In the last category of speech competition titled ‘Peace through tolerance,’ Hasaan Amir of Joint Public Schoolobtained first, Areba Awan of City School second while Faima Khalid from Blessings Public School was awarded third position.

Paradise Public School, Chinaar Public School, Babar Public School, Islamic Cadet School, Millat Islamia High School, Al-Kausar Public School, Rizwana Memorial School, Ali Trust School, Rahim Public School, Police Foundation, Scientific Model School, Lasanians School, Blessings Public School, Lasani Public School, City Public School and Baithak Public School participated in the competitions.

Addressing parents, children and general public, MNA Malik Shakeel Awan said that tolerance is the culture of Islam adopted by other religions. “The downfall of Muslim Ummah is the result of distance from Islam. The nation can be strong by adopting Islamic culture. Pakistan came into being after the sacrifice of millions of lives and now the future of Pakistan lies in the hands of young generation,” he said. Later, Shakeel Awan distributed awards, shields and certificates among the winners.

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