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The first streaker at a major sporting event, also produced the most famous streaking photo ever. This photograph, taken by Ian Bradshaw, was Life magazine’s “Picture of the Year” and also won the World Press Photo Award. People Magazine named it, “Picture of The Decade” The photo was taken during a rugby match between England and France, at Twickenham in February, 1974. During half-time, Michael O’Brien, to win a bet, ran naked on the field before a crowd of 48,000, including Princess Alexandra. The next day he lost his job and was also fined £10, which is the exact sum he won in his bet. O’Brian is now a respectable Melbourne Businessman, and was never proud of his stunt. After avoiding the press for 32 years, he finally agreed to do an interview in 2006, with an Australian TV show called “Where Are They Now?” O’Brien said he thinks streaking at sporting events is a stupid thing to do, and regrets starting the worldwide trend. O’ Brian also said that there were no TV cameras at the games in those days, and no one but the 48,000 people in the park would have ever known about it if it wasn’t for Bradshaw’s photo.
Interesting Fact: Constable Bruce Perry (The bobby holding his helmet to cover O’Brien’s naughty bits) was also on the TV show, and presented O’Brian his famous helmet as a gift. Perry said “I feared he would be mobbed, or that other people would follow suit. I felt embarrassed so I covered him up as best I could.” He then added “It was a cold day – he had nothing to be proud of”.

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