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Sacrificial cattle some reports Congo fever in the cattles

Talk on Congo fever from sacrificial cattle

Talk on Congo fever from sacrificial cattle

ISLAMABAD; Nov 03, 2011: Health experts at a lecture “Management of Congo Hemorrhagic Fever” stressed the need of taking preventive measures to avoid Congo fever.

The lecture was organized by the Epidemic Management Cell Federal Government Poly Clinic to raise awareness about this virus among the medical staff, according to a press release issued here Thursday.

The health experts said that there is a chance of spreading Congo Virus during Eid-ul-Azha so necessary measures must be taken regarding prevention and cure.

“The government should set veterinary camps in every sacrificial market to examine the animals and educate the buyers, as well as put up posters and give out flyers with precautionary measures at commercial hubs,” they said.

Congo fever is a tick-borne viral disease found among domestic and wild animals that can also be transmitted to humans. It could become a grave concern with the arrival of sacrificial animals into urban centers for Eid-ul-Azha if preventive measures are not put in

The sacrificial animal including cows, bulls and goats coming from far flung areas have more chances of carrying ticks on them so there was a dire need to create awareness among people visiting animal markets, they said.

The paramedical staff is not aware of this virus, so there is dire need to arrange seminars, lectures and awareness workshops for them.

There is no vaccination available to cure this disease and some patients and doctors have died due to this virus in the past.

However, no research is being carried out in this regard.

The authorities should carry out a campaign to raise awareness about this virus and also arrange camps of veterinary doctors near cattle markets.

They also stressed the need to create awareness among people who handle the leftovers of the animals, particularly the hides.

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