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Roots School System Islamabad

Islamabad is imperative in this age to appreciate and recognise diversity of cultures and keep them from just fading away in the pages of history. Therefore, the Roots School System, in its efforts to widen the horizon of the next generation, introduced the theme of ‘Cultures of the World’ this month.

The main purpose of this activity was to expose the children to different cultures and languages of the world. Teachers and students participated enthusiastically by presentingdifferent themes in an enthralling manner at all branches of the Roots School System from Montessori till High School, which was held here on Saturday.

The toddlers presented cultures of the world with their colourful costumes, headgears, painted faces and chunky ornaments. Elegant and smart Arabs in their white dresseswelcomed everyone in their own Arabic language. They proudly showed various aspects of their culture through beautifully decorated environments. The Spanish were dressed in special outfits to present their culture. The well-informed pupils delivered their sentences on the Spanish way of life confidently. The Egyptians narrated about the famous pyramids.

The other themes chosen were Pakistan, China, Britain, Africa, Australia, Mexico, Germany, Egypt, Hawaii and Japan.
The children were well-prepared and had put a lot of efforts in practicing what they had displayed. Each country was narrating facts about their culture, i.e. favourite food, sport and dress.The news.

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