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Outrageous Books on Sale in Islamabad and Rawalpindi

Sale of unethical books on the rise in twin cities

ISLAMABAD At stage where advancement in technology has enchanted modern youth towards book reading, the booksellers, however are cashing in this phenomenon by selling unethical, obscene and immoral literature, Daily Times has learnt. During visits of different places in twin cities Daily Times learnt that the students are more interested in unethical books rather than knowledgeable books and they like to read vulgar literature, not only students but people from different professions read such kind of immoral books.
Besides, the authority did not take any action against such kinds of bookseller. These kinds of books are usually sold at bus stops in twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad. The students of different colleges and school come these bus stops, search for vulgar literature on these stalls, instead of purchasing informative books.

It was learnt that the conductors, beggars and labors seen on bus stops also search for vulgarpictorial books or novels. These kinds of books stalls are seen at Peerwadhai, Faizabad, I-10 and G-7 bus stops. Novels of nudity, vulgar poetry and many other unethical books are being sold there.

These kinds of books adversely affect the minds and approach of young students. Such books are being sold only at Rs 30 to 35 on the stall at bus stops of twin cities. These books are source of entertainment for lower class community of labors, conductors and beggars. The wrongdoings spreading in our society is the result of reading these vulgar and unethical novels and books. They give rise to many gender related issues in our society.
Psychologist and physicist Dr Sharif Astori said that young generation is an important asset of the country. They are moving towards wrongdoings instead of good deeds. He also said that reading immoral books adversely affect the thinking capability of people. It affects the process of personality building of our youth. Then people are forced to think negatively, instead of taking things positively. Therefore effective action needs to be taken against these booksellers.
Another bookseller Hamid Chugtai sells novels and magazines at I-10 bus stop. He told that he sells old novels and course books of different classes, but our young generation is least interested in buying them. Therefore they need to display this kind of substandard books at the bookstalls. It is the only source of income for them and they earn money to fulfill the required expenditures of their household. He also told that students demand these books without any hesitation. Therefore the booksellers have to keep in mind the market demand while selling the books.
Talking to Daily Times Pakistan Academy of Letters (PAL) Director Tariq Shahid said that the dilemma is that our society is moving towards unethical and immoral things and people are interested in vulgarity and wrongdoings. This could ultimately result in increase in gender issues in our society. Therefore effective strategy will be introduced to take action against these booksellers. He told that the penalty for such a crime under section 292 of law is 3 months imprisonment.
daily times Sunday, November 27, 2011

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