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NTS NAT 10 Project Form and Info on the test and NAT info included

NAT 10 Project of NTS the national testing service association is now out to download the form just click the link below to download the form


NAT - NATIONAL APTITUDE TEST NAT is an aptitude test administered by NTS. NAT scores are used by many of Pakistani institutions as an evaluation criteria factor for admission in Bachelor and Master level admissions.

NAT National Aptitude Test (NAT) is for admissions in NTS Associated Universities/ DIA. The candidates will appear in a single test only and will stand eligible for admission to all universities in the respective subject group.
The candidates will be required to apply for admission in the universities as per their respective announcements along with a copy of the NTS Result Card.
The Result of the NAT will be valid for ONE YEAR
NAT SCHEDULE NAT is conducted four times a year.

NAT TYPES NAT is available in many types. You can view your respective NAT Type

For NAT preparation you can buy the book NAT written by Muhammad Idrees for self study. If you find difficulty in self preparation, you can join preparatory classes at College of Admission Tests Multan

NAT FORMAT NAT is consisted of four parts: 1- Quantitative Ability 2- Verbal Ability 3- Analytical Ability
QUANTITATIVE ABILITY Quantitative Ability is consisted of two question types: 1- Problem Solving 2- Quantitative Comparison
VERBAL ABILITY Verbal ability is consisted of four type of questions: 1- Critical Reading 2- Sentence Completion 3- Analogies 4- Antonyms
ANALYTICAL ABILITY Analytic ability is consisted of two question types: 1- Analytical Reasoning 2- Logical Reasoning
SUBJECT SECTION the subject section of the NAT consisted of Multiple Choice Questions based on the subject you have chosen at the time of applying the NAT.

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