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Model University of UHS in declaration

UHS declared model health university

LAHORE; Wednesday, October 19, 2011: The Laureate International Universities Network based in the US has designated the University of Health Sciences (UHS) as a model health university in Pakistan.

A three-member delegation led by Laureate Online Education Course Director Naveen Ramnanan, visited the UHS on Tuesday and conducted detailed interviews of the vice chancellor and other officials of the university. These interviews will become part of a course on leadership and governance for international students.

During its four-day stay, the team will also make a video of the ongoing systems and procedures at the UHS for online dissemination throughout the world. Laureate International Universities is a network of institutions of higher education in 28 countries. It is one of the leaders in medical and health sciences education, with 65,000 students enrolled in medical and health sciences programmes.

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