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hallmark of the universities and the basic duty of a varsity teacher is to explore and generate new ideas

Mansehra: Creative and genuine research is the hallmark of the universities and the basic duty of a varsity teacher is to explore and generate new ideas and innovative techniques for their recognition in the modern scientific world.

This was stated by Prof Dr Syed Sakhawat Shah, Vice-Chancellor of the Hazara University, while speaking at the concluding session of three-day symposium organised with collaboration of Higher Education Commission on Thursday.

In the recent past, research in life sciences has recorded great breakthroughs by opening news possibilities to focus on both classical and applied research. The phenomenal discoveries in genetic engineering and cloning for boosting and enhancing the agriculture production, improving the seed and breeds with the application of advanced DNA technology have been solving the challenging problems of basic food needs to the population around the world, Mr Sakhawat informed.

He said expanding horizons due to research oriented competitive base required active collaboration and cooperation among the researchers throughout the world.

The vice-chancellor said that the research culture would have to be given top priority to feed our rapidly increasing population. It is astonishing to note that the research development allocation in the industrialised countries was much higher as compared to the Third World countries, where even the clean drinking water was not available to teeming millions who live n slums, he added.

“We hope that this symposium must strive to develop the basic research facilities and the object of the research scientists must be to explore facts and truths with the maximum degree of precision and accuracy while dealing with the statistical data in this regard”, he said.

The symposium will be useful if it comes up with a clear roadmap for overcoming the problems encountered by the students and teachers. In this regard, the basic concept of research, the research approaches for writing these and to public papers in the internationally recognised journals should be given special focus, maintained Mr Sakhawat.

Researchers and representatives of more than 58 research institutes and universitiesshared their valuable experience, knowledge and views during the symposium. Dawn </

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