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EMI Pakistan’s children division.

KARACHI; Saturday, November 05, 2011: Renowned actor, singer, compare, musician and producer Khalid Anam, known for his dedicated work for children’s welfare, Friday launched EMI Pakistan’s children division.

Two CDs containing rhymes and lessons for children, entitled ‘Ray se rail chali’ and ‘Zarb-al-Misl’, have been introduced at the EMI children division’s ceremony, held at a local hotel.

Anam composed the material on the CDs that included rhymes, poems, cartoons and video lessons that teach children not only language skills but also moral values.

Addressing the launching ceremony, Anam said that national language should be promoted in the society. He regretted that their children learnt English rhymes, poems and culture, but they have been going far from their own language and culture. It is the matter of shame for us that our children do not know Urdu, he said.

He was of the view that their society had fallen prey to a complex and sense of inferiority towards English language. He said that it was common in the society that their children, even having age group between three to eight, were seen dancing on the songs like ‘Muni Badnam Hoi’ while parents clapped on it instead of refraining and guiding them.

Khalid said, “Children are our future, so it is our duty to take care of them and tell them that what they should see and what not. We should keep checks on media, particularly dramas”. He further said that entertainment was the major tool for educating children that was why he chose that medium to connect next generations with their own culture and language.

He said that besides this, what compelled him to launch his initiative was that there was lack of positive entertainment for the children.

EMI Executive Director Ameed Riaz started his speech through an attention notice that at the launching ceremony of a product about Urdu, participants were expressing their views in another language. He hailed Anam for his efforts and dedication to children and society. He further said that EMI was moving towards digital media from physical medium.

Addressing the ceremony, various prominent figures shed light on the role of Anam for his cause and dedication to his work.

Later, talking to Daily Times, senior actor Behroz Sabzwari said that indeed it was a matter of regret that their children knew ‘Baba black sheep’ but were not aware of ‘Lab pe aati hai dua ban kay tamanna meri’. He said that before the invasion of private sector, Pakistan Television PTV was contributing for children, but after the waves of private TV channels, children had been neglected. He said that since day one, Anam was continuing his efforts in this regard.

Tehmina Khalid told Daily Times that all the prominent school groups in the metropolis, including beacon house, were teaching Urdu to their students through the programmes, designed by Khalid. She further said that Anam was working for children for a long time.

On the occasion, EMI’s official website was also launched by EMI General Manager Zeshan Chaudhri. He also presented a multimedia presentation on the website and the programmes of children division available on it

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