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11/11/11: Eleven craziest facts you need to know about it

11/11/11: Eleven craziest facts you need to know about it

From Freemasons, spiritualists to RPG-fans around the world, this day has something to offer to everyone.

1) First and foremost – the date’s number is a full palindrome (reads the same from left to right, and right to left), which occurs only once in a century. Nothing crazy about this one, just plain math. Though it is of course the date’s palindromic qualities that cause all the craziness around it in the first place. Occultists, Freemasons and numerologists each have their own connotation for the number. Oh, and lotto players ofttimes refer to 11 as “the drumsticks”.

2) Last time a full double-figure palindrome date occurred (on November 11, 1911), US citizens in Kansas witnessed an extraordinary temperature drop from 24C to -12C. Friday will show if that had anything to do with the date or was mere coincidence.

3) Russians get married en masse. Registry services in various Russian towns will be working overtime and setting up additional offices to cater for all the couples who wish to tie the knot. The other popular wedding days – like January 1st, or August 28th – are given a run for their money, as the trend doesn’t stay exclusively Russian.

4) South Korean mothers desperately want to give birth on this date exactly. They flood hospitals with requests for a Caesarean section delivery in order to have the magical 111111 in their children’s registration number. The latter, according to Korean law is composed of 13 numbers, with the first six corresponding for the date of birth.

5) The Anonymous hacker group – in the spotlight lately with its promises to hack the upcoming US election – also plans to organize a flashmob reenactment of the “V for Vendetta” finale in London. They have called for protesters to join together on Friday evening from 9 to 12pm wearing Guy Fawkes masks.

6) Peruvian spiritualist Solara calls to mark the significance of having a “triple master number” date – 11, 22, 33 are called master numbers because are believed by some to process more potential than others. Some 50 groups around the world will mark the date, according to Solara. “I envision a big shift in consciousness on the planet, and it’s coming to a point with this date,” she is quoted by Scotsman.com

7) Twins celebrate birthday in Wisconsin. The adorable Betsy and Katie Overman are turning eleven on this remarkable day, promising to spend no more than 11 minutes in school. RT wishes them success in each of their other future endeavors. But more than anything this stresses a lack of news topics in US regional press.

8) Mars may be seen in tandem with Regulus – the brightest star the Lion constellation and one of the most noticeable ones in the sky. To witness the rare astronomical event, one has to look eastwards around 9pm GMT. Right above the line of the horizon the orange Mars will be seen, with Regulus rising to the right of it.
Regulus and surrounding region
Regulus and surrounding region

9) The Chinese calendar provides that silver lining, claiming 11.11.11 is in fact the most successful day of the century, as it “embodies mirror unity and balance between the sky and the land”, whatever that means. Chinese numerology regards number one as a symbol of leadership and independence – no surprises here, while Feng Shui sees it as meaning luck and success. And to thing of a day that in fact contains two of those!

10) Nothing in India. Yeah, you heard it – nothing. Indian media was quick to dismiss all the speculation regarding the date saying it holds no significance in the Hindu calendar. Well, in a country as ravaged by sectarian violence as India is, the desire to get rid of numerology freaks at least is understandable. Then again wasn’t there a religion craving for nothing in India?

11) An alternative way of doing nothing can be achieved by purchasing Skyrim – the fifth Elder Scrolls series video game – 11.11.11 is the day of its release. Be advised, though, Elder Scrolls, which is the biggest Role Playing Games (RPG) franchise in history, tends to render you doing nothing for substantially longer time than just 24 hours.

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