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Uninstall or Disable New Facebook Timeline from Profile

Uninstall or Disable New Facebook Timeline from Profile and Revert to Old Layout

by GadgetGizmodo

In our recent post on how to install the new Facebook Timeline on profile we seem to have received an amazing response from everyone.

Although, many people have been asking me how to uninstall or disable the new Facebook Timeline from profile since they find it hard to adapt to something too new so soon. Here are the steps:
Open the link https://developers.facebook.com/apps
In the Recently Viewed list in the left sidebar, select the app you created to enable Facebook Timeline
Click on Edit App on the top right.
In the page that open, click and confirm Delete App in the Related Links list in left sidebar.

Open your profile and it will be back to normal

I must mention however that Facebook Timeline will be enable by default for every user from September 30 onwards so good luck whining about the new Facebook changes. I think, it’s awesome!

PS: Now all of a sudden all the blogs will start covering news on how to uninstall and disable the new Facebook Timeline, wait and watch!

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