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Sex education must be made part of curriculum (SPARC) (SPARC) : experts

Sex education must be made part of curriculum: experts
Karachi, July 24: With a majority of the victims in rape cases turning out to be minors and the accused culprits in their 20′s, civil society members have expressed deep concern over the emerging trend of such incidents.

Rukhsana Siddique, rehabilitation officer of War against Rape (WAR), has called for theintroduction of sex education in schools. “The state should pay attention towards the current situation and start programmes to educate the public, especially the youth about this issue. Sex education should immediately be started in schools and the media should also play its role to raise awareness.”

She said that the society is drifting from basic morals and family values as the culprits are mostly family members, a relative or an acquaintance.

Suhail Ahmed Abro of the Society for the Protection of the Rights of the Child (SPARC) corroborated and said, “There was a time when a home was said to be the safest place for a child but not any more. The family institution has disintegrated.”

He said that since an acquaintance has easy access to a rape target and considers them as an easy prey; therefore, they are becoming involved in such activities.

“The average age of the victim is between 5 years to 14 years whereas the average age of the culprits ranges from early 20s to 30. Youngsters are raping children in order to vent their frustration, which arises due to rising unemployment, low literacy rate, rising poverty as well as the obscenity being shown on television programmes and in movies.”The news

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