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PU plagiarism and irregularities in the test of medical science entrance examination of 2011 year

UHS entrance test Irregularities | PU plagiarism

Irregularities alleged in UHS entrance test
Lahore, Oct 1: The students and parents have alleged irregularities in the results of entrance test of University of Health Sciences (UHS) for admission to medical/dental colleges in Punjab, as the university has not displayed all four keys to determine the result by the candidates on their own.

The students and parents, while talking to the media persons, said that the UHS authorities had uploaded on its website a single answer key of 0 code out of four answer keys (i.e. 0, 1, 2, 3), which had created a lot of doubts in the minds of the students and their parents about the transparency in the result of entrance test. They alleged that the university administration was favouring certain influential candidates by displaying only a single key on the Internet.

Besides, according to them, UHS authorities had been preparing entrance test results on Optical Mark Reader (OMR) machine by keeping it on Auto mode in order to declare the result within a minimum stipulated time after the holding of the test. They claimed that some of the university employees had told them that OMR machine gave correct result only on Manual mode and showed errors on Auto mode, but this Manual mode exercise required much longer time than the stipulated time of declaration of the result of entrance test.

The students claimed that they had attempted all the questions correctly but the result displayed on the Internet was showing otherwise. They informed that all the affected candidates had achieved over 90 percent marks in their FSc examinations. The parents of the students said that it was incomprehensible that those candidates, who had achieved 1,000 plus marks in FSc and were also satisfied with their performance in entrance test, ultimately turned out to be failed in the entrance test.

How can a student fail with 16 wrong answers in Biology paper when he or she had achieved over 95 percent result during his/her four-year academic career in Matriculation and Intermediate examinations, said Mrs Zahida Iftikhar, mother of a female candidate in the examination.

The students and parents demanded to upload all four answer keys or display attempted papers of the students on the Internet to determine the result by the candidates themselves.

The students and their parents also held a protest against the UHS administration over the issue. The news

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