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Pakistan Holds Oscars of 2011 Name ICT

The 8th P@SHA ICT Awards, the flagship ICT industry event, was held yesterday to recognize the technology talent and toppers of ICT industry here in Karachi.
The star-studded Oscar Night honored the best Software and Service applications in 25 different categories. The winning companies will be representing Pakistani delegation with P@SHA in Asia Pacific ICT Awards (APICTA) scheduled to be held in Thailand from November 8 – 11, 2011.
This year over 100+ entries were received in the 25 categories and judges, who are seasoned professionals from within the IT sector, were totally blown away by some of the nominated software products. There is a lot of creative work being done within the technology industry that goes unrecognized.
Nadeem Elahi, the Chairman of P@SHA said that the industry has faced many challenges in the past few years but it has continued to innovate and progress. It continues to hire and train young people and provide them with opportunities to do interesting and cutting-edge work.
Amongst the winners were those involved in developing Financial, e-Government, Communications, E-Inclusion & E-Community, Tools & Infrastructure, Security, Industrial, Digital Media & Entertainment, Mobile Games and E-Learning Applications as well as intensely heavily researched Research & Development Applications.
Awards were also bestowed on the best Startup Companies and innovative Tertiary Student Projects. The Best CIO in the Private and Public sectors were also recognized.
Each year the entries are exciting, innovative and cutting edge showing the depth of the industry and its capabilities, said Jehan Ara, the President of the Pakistan Software Houses Association for IT & ITES (P@SHA).
The P@SHA ICT Awards, she said, are aimed at discovering and highlighting the brilliant innovation taking place and showcasing it to the world through participation at local and regional events.
List of the Winners & Runners Up in this year’s PASHA ICT Awards 2011
Digital Media & Entertainment Applications
  • Winner: GeniTeam Pvt Limited, Product: Angry Monkey
  • Runner Up: Interactive Group of Companies, Product: Pakistan Body Count
E-Government Applications
  • Winner: Center for Advanced Research in Engineering (CARE), Product: National Air Space Management System (NASMS)
  • Runner Up: HiTech Solutions Pvt Ltd, Product: Information System 1339 for CDGK
Research & Development Applications
  • Winner: TunaCode Pvt Ltd, Product: CUVI Lib gKrypt
  • Runner Up: CloudBPO Pvt Ltd, Product: vSwitch Pro-Carrier – Grade VoIP Switch
Industrial Applications
  • Winner: Evamp & Saanga, Product: 3P Web & Wireless Telecom CMS & Self Care
  • Runner Up: Mantaq Systems, Product: Store Footfall Management
Tools & Infrastructure Applications
  • Winner: Center for Advanced Research in Engineering (CARE), Product: Software Development Framework for SDR
  • Runner Up: Folio 3, Product: Smart NS
E-Logistics & Supply Chain Management Applications
  • Winner: Lumensoft Pvt Ltd, Product: Candela RMS Ultimate Edition
E-Logistics & Supply Chain Management Applications
  • Winner: Lumensoft Pvt Ltd, Product: Candela RMS Ultimate Edition
E-Learning Applications Category
  • Winner: Toffee TV, Product: Toffeetv.com
  • Runner Up: Soft Solutions, Product: ilmkidunya.com
Security Applications Category
  • Winner: Center for Advanced Research in Engineering (CARE), Product: Consolidated Security System
  • Runner Up: Tranchulas Pvt Ltd, Product: Cyber Ranges
Financial Applications Category
  • Winner: Infotech Pvt Limited, Product: Capizar Suite of Applications
  • Runner Up: Avanza Pvt Limited, Product: Wealth Management System
e-Health Applications
  • Winner: CARE (Center for Advanced Research in Engineering), Product: Arrythmia & Sudden Death Syndrome Detection
  • Runner Up: Interactive Group of Companies, Product: HMIS
e-Inclusion & E-Community Applications Category
  • Winner: Engro Foods & Orix Leasing Pakistan, Product: EMAN
  • Runner Up: Farhan Masood, Product: Go-Green Campaign
Best Mobile Application Category
  • Winner: Five Rivers Technologies, Product: The Photo Editor
Best in Start Up Companies Category
  • Winner: ShopHoller, Product: Venture Dive
  • Runner Up: Textualy, Product: Textualy
Best in Tertiary Student Project Category
  • Winner: IST – Syed Akhlaq Hussain Shah, Product: Wearable Gesture Based HCI
  • Second Winner: NED University – Moneeb Ahmed Usmani & team, Product: Intelligent Computing Engine (ICE)
  • Runner Up: NUST School of Electrical Engineering & Computer Sciences (SEECS), Product: Smart Card Enabled FPGA based Secure Communication System
  • Second Runner Up: NED University – Mohammad Zohaib Shoaib, Product: Electrical Power Utilization Manager (EPUM)
Best in Managed Services
  • Winner: Access Group, Product: Access Fundamo Mobile Banking via Shared Platform
Best in Innovative HR Practices Product: Genius Hunt
  • TRG Pakistan
Best in Service Innovation
  • Interactive Group of Companies, Product: iForensics
CIO of the year – Public Sector
  • Anwar Amjad, DG-IT, Higher Education Commission
CIO of the year – Private Sector
  • Ayaz Ahmed, CIO, HBL

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