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NTD Associated Colleges and Universities of NTS ORG with National teacher database Associates

NTD Associates

Sr.NTD Associates
1 Frontier Education Foundation, Peshawar
2 The Educators (Country Wide)
A project of Beaconhouse Group
3 ICMS School and College System, Peshawar
4 District Public Schools & Colleges, Bahawalnagar
5 Pak Turk School & Colleges (Country Wide)
6 Baacha Khan Trust Educational Foundation, Peshawar
7 SOS Village Pakistan Schools (Country Wide)
8 Air Foundation School System (Country Wide)
9 Teach A Child School, Lahore
10 Frontier Children Academy, Peshawar
11 Brains Post Graduate College, Peshawar
12 Khyber Group of Colleges, Peshawar
13 Akram Khan Durrani College, Bannu
14 Muslim Hands, Peshawar
15 Qurtaba School & College, Peshawar
16 District Public School & Colleges, Okara (7 Campuses)
17 Anglo Arabic Public Secondary School Rawalpindi
18 Allied Schools (Country Wide)
19 Army Public Schools & Colleges (APSACS)
20 District Public Schools & Colleges, Gujrat
21 District Public Schools & Colleges, Faisalabad
22 ELITE Group of Colleges (Gujranwala)
23 National Insitute of Professional Studies (NIPS) Gujranwala
24 Royal Group of Colleges, Gujranwala
25 Institute of Southern Punjab

Organizations willing to Associate with National Teachers Database Programme may contact NTS.

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