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Career in Hacking


Be a real hacker - PROFESSIONAL, andchange the trend of HACKING

Welcome to HACKING begins, Guys in last week i receive lots of mails from you who have ask me what is career of Ethical Hacker so i decided to write an article for those who want to be a C|EH or choose career in Ethical HACKING. Well the answer is YES, Today the
Ethical hacker career is a great opportunity with the growth of Internet every company want to protect their online data from hacker who break into their servers and steal information or leak out. This is the main risk for every online user coz many of people thinks they are secure or safe on internet.

SECURITY IS a major concern these days, not only in physical space but also in the cyber space. Within a few minutes, a single computer intrusion is capable of causing losses amounting to millions of dollars.

In the recent years, there has been an alarming increase in the number of email fraud cyber crime cases on the Internet. Hacking email accounts, stealing sensitive data, copying the address book, intercepting data, virus infections, password attacks, spoofed messages, abusive emails, Trojan attacks and espionage are only some of the many concerns that have started affecting email users worldwide.

Now lets talk about Ethical Hackers wearing a white hat and fight against criminals of Internet. To start off with, ethical hacking is also known as penetration testing or intrusion testing. A Certified Ethical Hacker is one that takes the skillset of a black hat hacker and applies it for the common good. Your network may be easily compromised by tools freely and easily downloaded from the web in a matter of minutes. Ethical Hacking is a now new or upcoming field , our media brings bad reputation for hackers, 6 out of 10 people thinks hackers are criminals or terrorist but this is not.

Even though ‘hacker’ is a word we have learnt to fear in the world of internet, an ethical hacker should be identified as a friend. As opposed to them, ‘crackers’ are the bad guys who indulge in cyber crime. Also known as a ‘white hat’, an ethical hacker is someone who hacks with legal permission to strengthen systems and makes them penetration-proof. They step into the minds of computer criminals to predict their moves and stop them before they can strike. “To catch a thief, think like a thief - that’s the basis for ethical hackers.

With growth of Internet, every company need Ethical Hacker for security and now this term is very popular in every field because of online banking, exam, transactions, business. Hacking need skills and mind set of criminal. I think Ethical Hacker is the person that think -ve but do +ve for security. Hacking is not about cracking, hacking is for security and development. Ethical Hacking is now very popular field if you want to be a ethical hacker then try for its certification. Now companies heir hackers in very large scale for security. Although the starting salary for ethical hackers in India ranges from Rs 3 lakh to Rs 4.2 lakh per annum, the annual salary can be between Rs 27.7 lakh to Rs 32.5 lakh post currency conversion.

Be a real hacker - PROFESSIONAL, and change the trend of HACKING

Thanks and regards :

Sahil Mahajan (C|EH).

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