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Candidates(Roll NO) Punjab NTS Department of education staff of directorate Recruitment TEST

The candidates list includes



Without Deposit Slip List

Directorate of Staff Development
Education Department, Government of Punjab

Provisional List of Candidates

Test Date: Sunday, 18th December 2011

Directorate of Staff Development has developed a Continuous Professional Development Programme for training and professional development of Public School Teachers in the Province of Punjab. For implementation of the Programme, Cluster Training & Support Centres (CTSCs) have been established in each district with one or more District Teacher Educators (DTEs) at each centre. The DTEs would be responsible for training, mentoring, professional development of Teachers and whole school improvement of the school attached with the clusters.

Applications are invited from suitable candidates from amongst the SSTs,ESTs/PSTs, who are regular employees of the Education Department,Government of the Punjab for placement as District Teacher Educator, through transfer at the CTSCs already notified by Education Department in the following districts:

Click the link below to view (Roll NO) NTS Gov Punjab Edu Department Staff Development 2011 18 Dec

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