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Beaconhouse School System celebrates oath-taking ( education )

Islamabad In an effort to encourage young individuals to take charge of the student body and to become responsible persons, the Beaconhouse School System held an oath-taking ceremony here on Monday at its Margalla Campus in which ‘A’ Level students affirmed under oath that they will be active members of the student executive council and will abide by the laws made by this body to guarantee themselves a better campus life.

Executive Director of Beaconhouse School System Danial Kasuri awarded Ibrahim Shahid, the school’s shining student who achieved 23 ‘As’ in CIE ‘O’ Levels, the title of the ‘Ambassador of Beaconhouse School System’. Later on, he proceeded with inducting the School’s Head-boy Syed Hamza Sohail and Head-Girl Palwasha Faizan into the Student Executive Council, after administering their oaths.

The ceremony continued with the oath-taking of all the members of the council that included heads and deputy heads of various student societies, group representatives and class representatives. Badges and sashes were given away to all the inducted members by Danial Kasuri, the Principal of the School Ayesha Aziz and the Headmistress of the ‘A’ Level Branch Riffat Arif.

An ‘A’ Level student Hamza Akhtar entertained his peers by singing a motivating song especially prepared by him for the oath-taking ceremony. The ceremony concluded after Riffat Arif gave an encouraging speech to the students, guiding them to take their commitments seriously and to progress into becoming active citizens of the society by learning to handle responsibilities at school.The news.

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