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16th Master Trainers-Faculty Professional Development Programme (MT-FPDP)

Islamabad The 16th Master Trainers-Faculty Professional Development Programme (MT-FPDP), organised by the Learning Innovation Division, Higher Education Commission, concluded at the HEC Secretariat on Thursday.

As many as 28 faculty members of 21 public sector universities from across Pakistan, participated in the programme. So far, 469 faculty members have benefited from MT-FPDP in 16 batches.

This rigorous training programme, designed specifically for in-service teachers, includes 11 core modules and additional sessions on different important social topics. The main objective of the training is to enhance and enrich the teaching abilities of the faculty members to ensure quality education, which is entirely dependent on the quality ofteachers.

The programme aims to enable university teachers to use innovative teaching strategies and communication skills that blend academic concepts with workplace applications. Besides, the intensive training on different modules, some general topics were also covered by the resource persons.

Eminent scholars from across Pakistan conducted various sessions and highlighted basic features of different modules, including teaching as profession, academic planning, androgogical skills, testing and evaluation, research methodology and learner’s psychology. Additional sessions on citizenship, entrepreneurship and gender harassment policy were also arranged to amplify the exposure of participants. These master trainers will now replicate the similar training in their respective institutions.

The divisional heads of various divisions of HEC were also invited during the programmeas ‘Guest of the Dayd to brief the participants about functioning of their divisions. Recreational and study trips were also arranged to different historic places.The news. </

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