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N.T.S National Testing Service

N.T.S or National testing service is an N.G.O which conducts various tests of admission, database of teacher the very famous are N.A.T and G.A.T these tests are for admission in master and bachelor degree program entrance on the basis of these test the university of college aggregates the test score and its F.Sc marks then after aggregating the calculation brings out the merit of that student.

After the N.T.S started tests the quality of students can be judged by the test score the procedure of N.T.S examination is very simple they first announced the project then the candidates who submitted forms to national test service which is in Islamabad the forms can be sent only through post mall service hand submission is prohibited and your form will be submitted after you have submitted the forms then the N.T.S organisation announces the candidates list which has specific roll no and center name for the test.

After this process the N.T.S announces dates of the test with in the post they sent to the candidates who applied for the N.T.S test after the test date student eagerly await there result to come out according to N.T.S the result is published after 7 days of the test date so if you have given any test of N.T.S the test result is out in 7 days.

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