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HSBC Bank Lauches “Kids Read”

LAHORE The British Council and HSBC Bank Middle East launched a new fun reading initiative titled “Kids Read” in a combined ceremony at the Government Model Girls High School, Model Town Lahore, and St John Girls and Boys School, Youhanabad.
The initiative is aimed at encouraging primary school kids to read and bring out their zeal and enthusiasm. The programme also involves a variety of school activities alongside public activity through community events.

The formal launch of the activities included a storytelling session by Wendy Arnold, a renowned writer and advocate of children’s fiction and poetry, and that was followed by a series of Storytelling TrainingWorkshops for the Pakistani teachers. The children engaged enthusiastically in the activities of the launch.

British Council’s EnglishProgrammes head Murad Khan, said “Reading is fun! It not only gives immense pleasure to children, it also opens up their minds to a world of creativity, culture, imagination and understanding – and increases their potential for academic success.”

HSBC Pakistan CEO Lloyd Maddock said, “We are committed to invest in a community with a specific focus on education and community development. Kid’s Read is a project that resonates with our corporate sustainability, philosophy of working with children, capacity building in the education sector, and is being rolled out across 13 countries in the Middle East and North Africa.”Daily Times. </

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