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FB Security SMS Notification Code Mobile Not being received

Recently facebook has introduced a feature of receiving a security code to your cell phone via sms when someone tries to login to your facebook account from an unknown location.

However, there have been issues regarding facebook not sending thesecurity code via sms.

I’ve not only experienced it myself, but alot of visitors has complained about this on previous facebook security check related posts.

The feature is some what good and a definite recommendation but this sms thing scares me off sometimes.

If you clear the cache of your browser and then try to login to your facebook account, it will consider it as an unknown device and send you a message with security code in it. But with this issue of not being able to receive that sms, it can lock you out of your account, atleast for some days.

I’ve experienced the delay of 48 hours, not sure how long others had to wait at some occasions.

Facebook should add “send code to email” option or a call option to it if they’re not able to resolve the sms delivery issue.

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